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Win 101 India welcome, dear companions! I am your companion Mesen, and today I am excited to share insights about an extraordinary and distinctive Teenpatti Game. Friends, while the majority of Teen patti Games involve real cash, this 3patti offers something distinct and refreshing. Therefore, if you have been on the lookout for a fresh and unique Real Cash Rummy Game, I urge you to read this article in its entirety. Throughout this piece, we will delve into the intriguing world of Win 101 Rummy.

How To Download Win 101 Rummy, Win 101 Game APK

  1. Dear companions, for those interested in downloading the Rummy Win 101 Game, simply click on the provided “Win 101 Apk Download” button.
  2. Upon clicking, a fresh page will emerge, offering the option to initiate the “Win 101 Rummy Download.” By selecting this option, the process for downloading the “Win 101 App” will be successfully completed.

How To Create Account In Teen Patti Win 101

Dear friends, when it comes to establishing a Teenpatti Win 101 account, you are presented with three distinct options. The initial choice is the “Guest Account,” followed by the option to log in using your “Facebook” credentials, and lastly, the alternative to employ your “Mobile Number.” Upon utilizing the “Guest” or “Facebook Login,” a generous bonus of Rs 10 is credited to your account. Conversely, should you opt to sign in with your “Mobile Number,” a bonus of Rs 30 is awarded. In this context, we will be choosing the latter option. Kindly adhere to the step-by-step guidelines outlined below.

  1. Initially, proceed to install and launch the Win 101 Apk.
  2. Next, select the “Mobile Login” alternative. Following this, input your mobile number and proceed to click on the “OTP” button. Subsequently, validate the received OTP by clicking on the “Verify” button.

Win 101 Apk

How To Add Cash In Rummy Win 101

Dear companions, when it comes to adding funds to your Win 101 account, you will come across the “Add Cash” option. By selecting this, you can conveniently recharge your Win 101 India account.


  1. To commence, select the “Add Cash” option.
  2. Subsequently, click on the designated option to specify the desired amount of funds.
  3. Proceed by clicking on the “Go and Pay” button, followed by selecting “Pay Now.” Opt for the preferred payment method, which could be Paytm, Google Pay, or PhonePe, from which you intend to deposit money.
  4. Following this, proceed to confirm the payment, thereby finalizing the “Add Money” transaction.

How To Withdraw In 3Patti Win 101

Friends, apply for withdrawal in Teen Patti Win 101, you will see the green option above, from there you can withdraw. Friends, you need at least 100 rupees to withdraw.

  1. To initiate the process, select the “Withdraw” feature.
  2. Subsequently, choose the “+Bank Account” option. Here, you will need to provide your Email ID, Phone Number, Bank Name, Account Number, User Name, and IFSC Code. Once these details are inputted, proceed by clicking on “Save.”
  3. Lastly, return to the menu and click on the “Withdraw” option again. Here, you will be prompted to input the desired withdrawal amount.

Win 101 Game

How To Refer And Earn In Teen Patti Win 101

Dear companions, within the Win 101 3Patti platform, there exists an opportunity for Referral and Earnings. You will find the “Invite Bonus” option situated below, allowing you to extend invitations to individuals and acquaintances.

  1. To begin, select the “Invite Bonus” option.
  2. Subsequently, proceed to share your unique Referral Link on platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook. If you prefer to send it via copying, that option is available as well.
  3. For every friend you successfully invite, you will receive a reward of 10 rupees. When you refer 5 friends, you will earn 80 rupees, and for a remarkable 50 friends referred, you will be rewarded with 500 rupees.

Win 101

3 patti Win 101 Earn Money Option

  • Earn a bonus with each betting round; for every 100 bets, the system grants a reward ranging from 9 to 28. Comprehensive details can be found in the “Bonus Table.”
  • Imagine if your team consists of 1000 individuals who place bets of 100 each on a daily basis. In this scenario, you can anticipate accumulating a daily bonus ranging from 900 to 2800. Now, if your team expands to encompass 10,000 or even 100,000 individuals, what possibilities lie ahead?

Win 101 VIP

Dear companions, the opportunity also awaits you in 3patti VIP. To avail this, simply locate the option with a Star icon labeled “ VIP” and proceed to click on it. Within this section, you will be presented with two distinctive choices: Win Rummy VIP and Super VIP. The VIP Win Rummy option is priced at Rs 1000, while the Super VIP option is available for Rs 3000.

Upon embracing the  India VIP package, you will instantly receive Rs 950, coupled with a daily reward of Rs 600. This daily reward comes at a nominal cost of Rs 20 per day and spans a 30-day period. On the other hand, the Super VIP package offers immediate gratification of Rs 2850, along with a daily payout of Rs 1800. This substantial daily reward, priced at Rs 60 per day, persists for a duration of 30 days.